Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for SEO

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Learn everything you need to know to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for SEO. In this course we will review all of the required steps for setting up Google Analytics 4 and building custom reports for organic traffic reporting.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Setting Things Up
  • Chapter 2: Events & Conversions
  • Chapter 3: Collections & Library
  • Chapter 4: How to Create Organic Traffic Report
  • Chapter 5: How to Create Organic Landing Pages Report
  • Chapter 6: How to Create Organic Conversions Report
  • Chapter 7: How to Create Referring Search Engines Report
  • Chapter 8: How to Create Organic Sessions Geo Map Report
  • Chapter 9: How to Create Organic Traffic Dashboard
  • GA4 Organic Traffic Report Creation Cheat-Sheet [PDF]

(all video include closed captioning)


"The fact I can make this report already, so easily, after watching your video, and with help of the cheat sheet you created, gives me a lot of confidence it won't be so painful transitioning. Having your course and cheat sheet is a needed breakthrough. " -- Alan Bleiweiss

"Like many, I’ve been putting off the transition to GA4 – mostly because, at a glance, it seemed to be taking a step back in utility. While I’m still not yet cheering it, Joe Hall’s course did show me that adopting GA4 is nowhere near as complicated as I anticipated – and it’s not going to be as useless as my first impression led me to believe. Joe did a great job of walking the viewer through all the steps, from initial setup through several custom reports. I’m really pleased I took advantage of the opportunity to get this transition behind me. I highly recommend this course - it makes implementation of GA4 a breeze!" -- Doc Sheldon CEO, WebNarwhal

“This is the perfect course for SEO’s who need to be up to speed with GA4 (and in the coming year that’s going to be ALL SEO’s). This is not the Plug N Play Universal Analytics SEO’s we’ve been used to for the last decade. GA4 has some possibilities, but there is setup involved along with a steep learning curve which Joe has taken on. The $50 and time spent on the course is a no-brainer and well worth it for SEO’s as GA4 takes center stage in the world of analytics. “ -- Adam Proehl Partner & Co-Founder NordicClick Interactive

"I consider myself fluent in Google Universal Analytics, but I have been very slow to step up and tackle the learning curve associated with the new GA4. Fortunately Joe Hall has stepped up and created the perfect course for me, and anyone else that needs to deal with GA4. The course is very thorough in going through everything from setup to reporting and everything in between. I have no doubt that you have saved me weeks of struggle trying to sort this all out on my own. See dad, procrastination CAN pay off!" - Steve Gerencser

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A quick and easy course to learn everything about GA4 for SEO.

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GA4 Organic Traffic Report Creation Cheat-Sheet [PDF]
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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for SEO

6 ratings
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