HTML for SEO Video Course

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This class is designed to teach beginners the basics of HTML for SEO. It’s important to understand that everything taught in this class is based on SEO best practices. Utilizing these best practices are merely tactics. To get the best use of these tactics they should be applied within the context of a SEO strategy that includes content development, and link building, as well as optimized HTML. This course will be updated on a semi-regular basis when changes to best practices occur. If you have any questions about this class or want to learn more about SEO from Joe, contact him today.

Videos found in this course:

  • Intro
  • Chapter 1: HTML DOM and JavaScript
  • Chapter 2: HTML/CSS Styles
  • Chapter 3: Title Tags
  • Chapter 4: Meta Robots Tags
  • Chapter 5: Meta Description Tags
  • Chapter 6: Canonical Tags
  • Chapter 7: Heading Tags
  • Chapter 8: Rel Next/Prev Tags
  • Chapter 9: Structured Markup
  • Chapter 10: Links
  • Chapter 11: Images
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Video course for optimizing HTML for SEO.

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HTML for SEO Video Course

0 ratings
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